If you are looking for a brand that offers you both comfort and a good price, with current fashion options for all seasons, Geographical Norway is what you need, a magnificent option that always offers you perfect things to renew your wardrobe.

Geographical Norway has been established for demanding customers, sports practitioners who are looking for fashion, quality and comfort at the same time.

In our website footwear line of the Geographical Norway brand we develop collections each year that are distinguished by the fashion design of the models and the quality of the materials used.

For the Spring / Summer collection, our design team has conceived, a beach line made up of super comfortable leather plant sandals, and slippers with very cool canvas materials, easy to wear and combine with your summer outfit ; and, on the other hand, a travel line, with sports shoes, sneakers, more casual and urbanites.


The Autumn / Winter collection stands out for its dynamism and versatility, full of new materials such as technical grids, heat-sealing and reflective materials to give fabrics a changing character depending on the light, as well as patterns with new technical-looking shapes, but with an urban component. The camouflage line and the animal motifs will result in expressive, youthful and original designs with an outdoor feel.

In our collections you can choose your models by category, price, size or your favorite color. Our sale is full online. This means that you will find your size, by doing everything from your mobile devices or computer.


The process is very simple and highly satisfactory, we will also accompany you in this purchase process whenever you want with our Chat On Line service. You enter our website, register, and browse. It is a very comfortable and intuitive site. We show you different views of each piece, as well as a size guide to avoid mistakes when placing your order, and we also give you a detailed explanation of the piece. Add your selection to your cart, pay and go. Our logistics service will put your purchase in your home in the shortest possible time.

You do not have to look at any other Geographical Norway footwear website because is the official store for all of Europe. You can find the best-selling products from the start, as well as interesting proposals and news from our website.

In our online store you will also find a wide variety of prices and also sales and discounts. You will always have in our official store a model according to your style, colors, design, and what you want to project in your outfit. Learn more about our shoe collections on our website and discover everything that Geographical Norway has for you.

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